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My husband and I had been on Barley green for several yrs. We started Barley max about 3 wks ago. Each time I would take...

Submitted By: Ron & Margie M.

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My husband and I had been on Barley green for several yrs. We started Barley max about 3 wks ago.
Each time I would take the Barley green - I would start coughing. But I assumed the Barley green was good for me and maybe this was all in my head.

My chiropractor said I was allergic to rice and that the barley green would probably not be good for me. Well after taking the Barley max, the coughing has stop and the raspiness in my throat is so much better. So much more energy too. I had been praying about the cough and my voice because it was so raspy at times. One Dr said she thought it could be acid reflex. well whatever - it is 100 times better.

My husband just found out that his prostate isn't real healthy. We heard that progesterone is good for a man to take for this. So we are going to give your new progesterone a try.

On more thing. We miss our oatmeal cookies since we have been on the hallelujah diet. Many others may have tried this and we are so excited because it's better than oatmeal cookies. We take a handful of organic raisins and mix it with raw organic rolled oats and wow how good.

Thanks for all you do and give to others.

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