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Jay C.
I started the Hallelujah Diet on January 4, 2002, because I was told I had hepatitis C. I immediately jumped into the Hallelujah Diet with both feet. Following are my blood tests…
Sarah Ruth G.
I used to live in FL. I attended a church where even most of the youth were on the Hallelujah Diet. We even went on a mission trip and stuck to it.…
Testimony #435
I have been doing this [Hallelujah] diet for five months and have lost 24 pounds and feel great. A woman I work with has been doing it for about four months and…
Testimony #420
First I want to say how grateful I am for the Hallelujah Diet. It was truly sent to us by God in His perfect timing My husband Wayne and I have been…
Testimony #320
Twenty-five years ago my husband received fourteen pints of bad blood. He has had numerous problems through the years, but his problems culminated three years ago when he was diagnosed with hepatitis…
As a child of the 60s and 70s, I did some serious damage to my body (smoking, drinking, drugs. etc.), but have always loved researching healthy diets/lifestyles. When I was diagnosed with…

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