Hallelujah Brown Bags

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Chili Lime Sweet Potato Chips Chili Lime Sweet Potato Chips
As featured in Health News Issue #71.
Chicken Salad Surprise Chicken Salad Surprise
Who needs chicken salad when you've got this? Make this mixture the day before a party, then let the flavors mingle overnight in the refrigerator and spread it on sandwich bread…
Raw Trail Mix Raw Trail Mix
When traveling or on the hiking trail, it is always helpful to have a tasty and healthy treat along with you to snack on when hungry. This trail mix is…
No Picture Available Healthy Trail Mix
During the spring months, those who live in an area where they have access to some beautiful parks will hopefully be thinking of spending more time in the great outdoors…
No Picture Available Dena's Raw Veggie Wrap
This tastes best using all organic veggies.
No Picture Available Raw Flax Fruit Bars
This recipe, taken from the booklet titled "Flax Lignans" by Beth.
No Picture Available Jeanettes Unleavened Bread
Easy bread for topping or just snacking!
No Picture Available Frozen Carob Bananas
Here is a recipe that the kids will enjoy (and grown ups too)! The recipe is taken from Julie's book Hallelujah Kids. Her book is available from Hallelujah Acres. Julie…
No Picture Available Esthers Vegetarian Sandwich
Lunch or even dinner - this hearty sandwich is big enough for both!
No Picture Available Fruit and Nuts
A yummy healthy foods way to enjoy lunch!
No Picture Available Pita Pocket Salad
A healthy living brown bag lunch!
No Picture Available Veggie Wrap
My husband would never be satisfied with just fruit for lunch. Here is a favorite wrap that we do.
No Picture Available Trail Mix
A delicious, healthy way to brownbag your lunch!!
No Picture Available Red Hot Snackers
Make red hot snackers very quickly.
No Picture Available Flat Bread or Flat Bread crackers
A delicious cracker, that is a good alternative to packaged snack crackers.
No Picture Available Delicious Avocado Cucumber Topping
Great as a dip, too!
No Picture Available El Paso Stuffed Celery
Fresh, mostly raw, and delicious. You can use this recipe to dip any veggie in.
No Picture Available Deluxe Veggie Wrap
A simple, summertime supper! Let the kids try making their own - add as many different veggies as you like. Be creative!
No Picture Available Hawaiian Bundt Cake
Rhonda made this for our support group birthday celebration at Hallelujah Acres and for my 68th birthday with family.
No Picture Available Avocado Salad in a Pita
A simple, healthy lunch!
No Picture Available Sprouted Grain Crisps
Raw crackers can be made by using any grain, such as wheat, rye, oats, rice, millet or barley. Here is one I enjoy.
Fruit Bars Fruit Bars
Better than store bought!

Spruce up your salads, enjoy a dessert and make every meal a treat.

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