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Sunrise Juice Sunrise Juice
Easy to make, hard to resist! Serves 1
Green Juice Green Juice
You've waited long enough! It's time to harvest those hearty greens from your fall garden and start juicing! Kale is a great example! Kale is one of the most nutritionally dense…
Pumpkin Pie Smoothie Pumpkin Pie Smoothie
Now you can have pumpkin pie in a flash, any time you want! Here's an easy and tasty recipe both dinner guests and kids will love.
Crimson Delight Juice Crimson Delight Juice
From Rhonda Malkmus' new recipe book, "Rhonda's Culinary Creations" Serves 2
Fall Garden Juice Fall Garden Juice
 Serves 2
Raw Flavored Oat Milks Raw Flavored Oat Milks
Flavored, frothy, and fun! If you're looking for a great tasting milk alternative the kids will love to make, this is it! Yields 6 cups using a Soyabella nut milk…
Elena's Elena's "Ready for School" Smoothie
Like rocket fuel for little brains, Elena's Ready For School Smoothie has everything your kids need to sustain thinking power through the school day! Includes trace minerals from BarleyMax, good…
Creamy Almond Milk Creamy Almond Milk
 As Featured in Health News #72.
Tomato Juice Cocktail Tomato Juice Cocktail
 As featured in Health News #72, Makes approximately 1 cup.
Rhonda's Very Berry Smoothie Rhonda's Very Berry Smoothie
Years ago, before Rhonda began holding Culinary Classes at Hallelujah Acres, she was asked by our pastor to teach a class on practical application of the Hallelujah Diet along with…
Oh Boy for Bok Choy Juice Oh Boy for Bok Choy Juice
As featured in Health News Issue #71. Makes 32 oz.
Top O' The Morning Veggie Juice Top O' The Morning Veggie Juice
Great for St. Patrick's Day or any day you need a boost of greens to find the pot of "golden health" at the end of the rainbow! After all, good health…
Energy Juice Energy Juice
 From New Identity Eating by Audrey Lee
Heart Throb Veggie Juice Heart Throb Veggie Juice
With beet to cleanse your blood and green veggies to build it, this Heart Throb Veggie Juice will keep you and your loved ones healthy!
Chocolatey Mint Smoothie Chocolatey Mint Smoothie
There's nothing like the cool, fresh taste of mint... especially in a chocolatey smoothie! Mint is great for digestion and is a folk remedy for headaches, nausea, and asthma.
No Alcohol Hot Toddy No Alcohol Hot Toddy
Rhonda Malkmus came up with this New Year's Eve alternative beverage — it's incredible!
Better Than Chocolate Milk Better Than Chocolate Milk
Chocolate Milk is something many people, especially children, enjoy the flavor of. But there are a number of things wrong with chocolate milk:  (1) it contains cow milk and (2)…
The Power-Aider The Power-Aider
In a hurry? Need some nutrition quickly? This juice is it — and the ingredients are likely things you have in the refrigerator right now!
Melon Splash Melon Splash
If you have never experienced the delicious taste of raw cantaloupe juice, you have missed out on a real taste treat, and it’s HEALTHY, and takes only minutes to prepare.…
Chocolate Mint Chia Milk Chocolate Mint Chia Milk
Chia milk is loaded with calcium! Just 2 oz of chia seeds have more calcium than 2 cups of cow's milk — and it's much better absorbed into your body.
Workout Recovery Drink Workout Recovery Drink
After a hefty workout, your body needs to recover! This drink (featured on our "Exercise Essentials with Paul and Ann" online fitness video program) has all you need to repair…
Drew's Power Smoothie Drew's Power Smoothie
Packed with muscle building plant protein, this smoothie is an ideal after-workout cell builder!
Mega Berry BarleyMax Smoothie Mega Berry BarleyMax Smoothie
BarleyMax Berry adds a sweet, berry patch taste to this delicious smoothie. Because BarleyMax Berry is sweetened with lo han guo and stevia, it doesn't raise the glycemic load!
Better Than V-8 Juice Better Than V-8 Juice
Rhonda created this delicious drink during one of her culinary classes prior to Rev. Malkmus' first-of-the-month "God's Way to Ultimate Health" seminars. Rev. Malkmus says this is the best raw veggie…
George's Gorgeous Green Smoothie George's Gorgeous Green Smoothie
This green smoothie now replaces Rev. Malkmus’ morning juice (though he still has his first serving of BarleyMax upon rising). After being reluctant to change his morning routine of more…
Powerhouse Green Juice Special Powerhouse Green Juice Special
Hallelujah Acres has a Smoothie and Juice Bar in its Health Food Store where a person can order any combination of vegetable juices they desire. Recently they have been making…
Spiced Holiday Apple Cider Spiced Holiday Apple Cider
With family and business Christmas get-to-gathers only a few weeks away, here’s a delicious addition to that celebration that will be appreciated by all.
Raw Tomato Soup Raw Tomato Soup
This is a thick, hearty soup. From this basic recipe you can also add distilled water to make tomato juice. Be creative and ENJOY!
Watermelon Juice Watermelon Juice
This is one of George's summertime favorites and it's a snap to make in your juicer.
Avocado / Raspberry / Banana Green Smoothie Avocado / Raspberry / Banana Green Smoothie
Try this for a satisfying mid-morning snack or even a meal.

Spruce up your salads, enjoy a dessert and make every meal a treat.

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