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Soothing Avocado Beauty Mask

Stressed? Dry skin? All of the above? This recipe is for you —…

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Stem Cells: How They Help The Elderly Grow Old Healthy

I found the following about stem cells in the pages of National Geographic: In…

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<Natural Protection in the Fight Against Colon Cancer

Natural Protection in the Fight Against Colon Cancer

Hi folks! Paul here. Of all the diseases known to man, there are few that strike fear in us the way that cancer does, partly due to the host of challenging side effects commonly related to conventional methods of handling the disease.…read on

<D3K2: The Disease Fighting Super Duo!

D3K2: The Disease Fighting Super Duo!

When it comes to food, there are some ingredients that just seem to go together - flavors that enhance each other in such a way that they bring out the distinct essence of each one. Similarly, some foods, when paired correctly,…read on