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Newsletters & Publications

In addition to the books, DVDs and videos available for purchase, we offer a variety of free print and electronic publications.

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In addition to our publications, you may also find our research articles about nutrition and other facets of health of particular interest.

Health News Magazine

Providing health tips, kitchen advice, recipes, ground-breaking research findings and personal success stories, this information-packed magazine is filled with all the information you need to get healthy and stay healthy for life.

Weekly “Health Tip” Emails

George Malkmus' Hallelujah Health Tip is now a blog with daily article posts from the desk of Rev. Malkmus, author of The Hallelujah Diet and founder of Hallelujah Acres. You can also subscribe to receive a digest of all articles posted each week in your email. Health Tips are designed to educate, encourage and inspire you on your road to health.