Hallelujah Acres Research

Hallelujah Acres Research

The Science Behind The Hallelujah Diet

Hallelujah Acres conducts research on raw, living food diets to provide solid, factual evidence about the benefits of The Hallelujah Diet.

The USDA, National Institutes of Health, American Heart Association, the National Cancer Institute, and other health-related organizations all recommend eating more fruits and vegetables for better health.

While these recommendations are helpful, they are not sufficient to have the medical community embrace a plant based diet like The Hallelujah Diet as a way to effectively handle various disease states, as well as be a preventive measure.

Since the medical community and some members of the public are skeptical of plant based diets like ours, it is important to us to have the hard data they are asking for. Research enables us to answer their questions and demonstrate that living foods truly can be a better way to achieve optimal health, when compared to prescription drugs, chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery.

Our research documents the health benefits of a basically raw vegetarian-foods diet, uses dietary interventions on specific disease states, specifically using The Hallelujah Diet, and conducts long-term health monitoring of individuals who practice The Hallelujah Diet.

Long-term monitoring of Hallelujah Diet vegetarians will help overcome one of the greatest weaknesses of the raw food movement – documentation – thereby helping to establish the truly beneficial elements of this lifestyle for health maintenance.

Dr. Michael Donaldson, PhD is Hallelujah Acres' Director of Research and conducts the various studies and research-related projects on raw, living food diets. You can find the results of his completed studies in the Reference Studies Library section of this site.