About Hallelujah Acres

About Hallelujah Acres

We Juice Up Your Life!

You Don't Have to Be Sick!

Although it’s common, it’s not normal to be sick.

God designed our bodies to be healthy. But every day, toxins, free radicals, artificial additives, pesticides and preservatives enter our body from the foods we eat. This depletes healthy cells, which can multiply and become disease.

By following God’s original nutritional plan in Genesis 1:29, you can restore, rebuild, and transform your self-healing body!

Who We Are

Hallelujah Acres is a Christian organization dedicated to helping others discover they can live healthy, vibrant lives free from sickness and disease by simply changing their diet.

It is our mission to help people everywhere experience vibrant health by empowering the self-healing body God created with the original diet described in the book of Genesis.

We have developed a vast library of resources that can help you reclaim your health including free online training programs, hundreds of recipes, the latest health news, live and online events, the world’s best health products and more!

Whether online, in person or on the phone, we’re here for you!

Questions? Feel free to contact us online or call 800-915-9355.

Hallelujah Acres Seminars and EventsComing Events

Here's what's happening at Hallelujah Acres.

  1. Oct 21: Health Minister Training LIVE - Gastonia, NC